Obesity – Systematically and scientific way to maintain the healthy body weight

Obesity – Systematically and scientific way to maintain the healthy body weight

Dr. S. Natarajan., Ph.D


Your happiness and weight are intimately connected. The good news is you can without sacrifice food more and weigh less that’s right, you can lose weight without feeling tiredness.


Healthy Body Weight

Manushi school of Yoga research foundation, experience of the last 20 years research and practice it  developed systematically and scientifically practice for maintain a healthy body weight. Health and longevity are threatened when a person is either overweight or underweight. Overweight and obesity increase one’s risk of developing serious CVD. Likewise, individuals who are underweight may have a higher risk than others of cardiac, musculoskeletal and reproductive disorders. Thus, healthy body weight is key to a healthy and longer life. One will learn about weight control principles and practices, as well as guidelines for designing exercise, yoga and diet programs for weight loss, weight gain and body composition change. Individuals with body fat levels falling at or near the extremes of the body fat continuum are likely to have serious health problems that reduce life expectancy and threaten their quality of life.

Physician and Experts in the field of fitness and health agree that the key to successful weight loss with sustainable weight management is adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as the four-element approach of ancient wisdom Hatha yoga Program for healthy weight. The Manushi school of Yoga research foundation. Reversal approach based on Indian wisdom, it is the essence of the science of Ayurveda that has existed for “time out of mind” in this holy land, India. The bija mantra, the foundation, of Ayurveda is: “prasanna aathma indriya manaha, swastha ithyabhideeyathe.” As long as the mind is free from all the dangerous negative thoughts and is filled with universal love, good health will be guaranteed. Patanjali’s Yoga Shastra with its advocacy of the sattvic diet and chitta vritti nirodhah (control over ones greedy desires) would, of course, be the ideal recipe for ideal body weight and good health.

It is a lifestyle that is built on four pillars equally weighted elements that include:

  1. Ahar – what we eat, how much we eat and how we eat,
  2. Vihar – our rest / recreation time, our routines including Niyamas,
  3. Achar – our conduct with the external world
  4. Vichar – our goals in life, thinking pattern of mind.

These four pillars work synergistically together to support overall improved health outcomes, including weight loss.  If even one of them is ignored then we shall bear pain, disease and suffering to some intensity. This thought has been reiterated not only in the Yoga Sutras but in Ayurveda and the Bhagwad Gita as well.

Each element has significant benefits for weight loss. For example, mental health has been shown to be a significant factor for weight loss and weight management, and when included as part of a balanced, integrated approach, the outcomes may be even more sustainable and comprehensive. This includes lower cholesterol and other quality of life improvements, such as better sleep, enhanced energy and mood from feel-good brain chemicals released during mind – body practice. The research conducted by the Manushi school of Yoga in the result Lifestyle showed an average weight loss of 22 pounds in the first year, with sustained weight loss in most after five years.

If you ‘are obese, you may not be able to do many things that could make your life more enjoyable. You may find that you cannot play vigorously with your grandchildren (or your children), walk long distances, participate in sports, find a comfortable seat in a movie theatre or airplane or have an active life. In fact, even sitting still in a chair may be impossible without experiencing back or joint pain. For many, standing is hard on the knees. Carrying around too much weight can dramatically affect physical mobility, work, mental health, self-perception and social life. So you see, this isn’t about death; it really is about missing many of the more enjoyable things in life.

A comprehensive report and roundtable discussion of the role of healthy living morning to night according to the season in the prevention and treatment of obesity and its comorbidities, Obesity may be caused by genetic and environmental factors. As an yoga specialist, one play an important role in combating this major health problem by encouraging a physically active lifestyle and by planning yoga programs and scientifically sound diets for one’s clients, in consultation with trained nutrition professionals. Without restricting caloric intake and increasing food physiology through mind and body medicine are effective ways of reducing body weight and fatness while normalizing blood pressure and blood lipid profiles.

The biology of the physics of obesity might have to do with eating but the meta-physics of obesity might depend on the inner discontent with a heavy mind full of the massive load of the negative feelings like hatred, jealousy, ego, pride and anger. Universal compassion might be the best and inexpensive antidote to today’s epidemic of obesity. Rather, it is the mental obesity that manifests as physical obesity in reality.

The holistic approach to obesity starts with spiritual management by a thinking doctor. That, when coupled with a sensible simple diet, would cure obesity permanently. All other quick-fix methods like the crash diets would necessarily come to grief in this background.

An energy imbalance in the body results in a weight gain or loss. There is an energy balance when the caloric intake equals the caloric expenditure. A positive energy balance is created when the input (food intake) exceeds the expenditure (resting metabolism plus activity level).

When we look into one apple, we see the entire universe. All the planets and stars, our sun and moon, the oceans, rivers, forests, fields, and creatures are in this apple. The apple tree is a manifestation of an infinite web of life, and for the tree to exist, every component of the web is vital. The apple is the gift of the tree and of the infinite universe propagating and celebrating itself through the apple. The seeds fall, in the apple, to become new trees, or are eaten by humans or bears or birds and thus distributed more widely, spreading and benefiting the tree and the whole system, unfolding in utter vastness, complexity, and perfection.

Intelligence is the ability to make meaningful connections, and this is true for all living systems, such as humans, animals, communities, and societies


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