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Manushi Means administrative Drugs within. Manushi Yoga Research foundation main motto, Yoga as a science prescribes and describes the sequences as well as the methodology and right techniques to perform them to derive maximum health benefit and minimizing or totally eradicating the diseases that engulf man saps his energy. Healing comes under art, Yoga as a Healing art helps the therapists what to adopt and how to adapt as and when required; why sequential adjustments are necessary for quick relief and adapted for adjustment.


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Vision and Mission


Manushi Yoga, propagates the teachings of yoga as a means of achieving physical, mental and spiritual well-being and Self- Realization based on cutting-edge research integrated with classical text to maximize the potential of the Human brain in practical and actionable ways using the new discoveries of neuroscience to have a healthy body, calm mind and Powerful spirit.


We are doing potentially powerful that it almost bears in itself the inspired enthusiasm of a spark of fire. It has the power to ignite millions of minds, kindle magnanimous transformations, and set a ablaze a fire that can sweep through the nation and make it a new, a different, a Transformed universe across the global.

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R.Ananda Padmanaban

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Chief Director

Wr.Amrutha Anand

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